[Selling Zeal] Done Selling Privately

Unless other needs develop, I don’t feel I want to sell privately to individuals anymore. This is mainly because of current events. As much as I enjoyed some of the process of selling things, and as much as I enjoyed taking you along as a reader, I think ultimately, that’s not where I want to spend my writing time. What will I do with all of the excess stuff, then? Sell to businesses or donate…?

Probably the most reasonable answer will be packing up everything to sell/donate.

That way I can stow it away for that inevitable time when I move or have more interest in selling things. I currently don’t have much energy thanks to do this whole spinal thing taking a number on my overall health so I haven’t spent any energy or time over the past two months downsizing anything. I don’t know if I will for another month at least. I want a few good-feeling days in a row, and the strength to row some acceptable sets, before I start doing that, you know?

I know that I’ll basically be spending less time screwing around.

By that, I mean thinking while there in the sorting process. If I don’t have an immediate keep/”toss” reaction, then I should put them into a queue for review later and move on. Those sorts of indecisive moments were the biggest drains for me before and that’s why so many essays I’ve written in this series are basically about the same thing. For a topic like clutter, which has invaded basically my entire life throughout my entire life, I need to assess it from more angles than self-confidence stuff where I might write about a topic and feel satiated by what I learned through the writing process.

For example, with my CD collection, I can assess the indecisive ones before I start organizing.

It’s more often, I’ll get a free hour and free physicality, so I’ll begin without much of a plan, and I’ll find myself listlessly thinking about how I like some CDs and don’t like some others, and then do nothing. That was fine to do and an important element in developing myself as a downsizer and seller, but now, I have to think more strategically. I can take a photo of one shelf and then think about them here, so that when I get more energy, I can sort effectively. The more I deal with all these thoughts, these objects, and the time I’ve put in, the more I want to clear out at a loss.

That’s why I’d rather sell to stores or donate than deal with local sales, primarily.

I still have some old computers that might be worth selling, but even then, the primary purpose is making sure that these computers get to people who will enjoy them. I’ll never know their full story, partially because even if I were invited like I was, I’m not overly interested. I know I should be the journalist that follows up on the lead to get the story, but really, these aren’t my stories anymore.

My stories are more about broadly-applicable stories.

These sorts of sales stories have some helpful applicability on a broad scale, but I feel that mainly they are stories about “hey, I once had something, and now I don’t, but here’s some of how that happened.” I could do the same about how I had bought some of these same items. I wanted to write all this as a preamble because over the past month, I received three responses on items that I had placed for sale and forgot about. I only found out based on a burner email I checked. The email notifications I had specifically set did not apply, so I didn’t see them sooner.

I did, unfortunately, donate one of these items months ago but forgot to take down the ad.

The other I probably could have still sold, and when I replied with a minor lie that I had sold the item and I apologized for not taking down the ad, the potential buyer said they understood. This was an item that I would want to sell, objectively, but subjectively it’s fine that I own it. There’s no real problem to me having it now. Sure, it might have been better if it went to that potential buyer, but there are others of this item out there. When I do get rid of it, I’ll include it first with a lot at a store where I would go to sell this item, and even if I get nothing from it, at least it will be free from my hands.

Writing this, too, is similarly helping me detach from these emails.

I saw them yesterday and felt embarrassed that I hadn’t noticed them sooner. What a rude seller I was… but I’d really been getting burned out by selling stuff, regardless of how little effort I put in, because I didn’t like the selling process overall. I encapsulated the moments into ways that were fun for me to remember. I would rather just bulk drop off all of this excess and get a generic dollar amount to be done with it.

That’s where it’d be helpful to bulk pack them up into labeled boxes.

I don’t feel like selling much right now, but maybe in some months, I’ll feel like it? Or maybe I’ll be forced into it…? Either way, today’s luxuries of not wanting to sell should, rather, represent a broader sense of wanting to clear things out efficiently so I can lead a life like I did this month, where I didn’t think much of my clutter. I focused on what I wanted to do, and as a result, I only entered my storage room to store some toilet paper and retrieve some stickers I never used.

I shouldn’t have all these sellable items if I’m not going to sell them, hopefully to the remaining businesses that’ll buy them…

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: After I received these emails, I had this thought in mind as I was going to bed, so I wrote the title down, woke up, and eventually wrote this essay. It’s a bit too scattered, but these sorts of essays help me figure out where my head is, so I apologize that they are messy as a result.
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Written On: 2020 May 31 [10:46pm to 11:12pm]
Last Edited: 2020 May 31 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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