[Selling Zeal] Quadra Day Two

I accidentally arrived over ten minutes early to meeting “Ahmed” to sell this Macintosh Quadra in the grocery parking lot and nearly got bored. I like arriving early so that I can be familiar with my surroundings. Where I parked, I saw everything, from the teens getting out their car to go to the nearby restaurant to the cops talking in their vehicles, to the grocery store – but I didn’t see “Ahmed” until he parked.

He texted and we met without issue.

It was so uneventful, actually, that I sold the retro computer over four days ago and I just didn’t feel strongly enough to write about the experience. He had to reschedule because he needed to work during the time we had initially planned to meet. Between that time and when I sat in the car waiting for him to arrive, another interested buyer reached out to see if the item had still sold.

Those are always weird conversations to have.

My response is always to the effect of ‘if the first buyer falls through, then you’re next up.’ While that does create more opportunity for me to be a jerk, I don’t prefer that. I don’t want to demand more money unless I had initially sold it vastly undervalued. It’s just easier to sell things with less hassle because another delay would mean I’d just sell it to the second buyer. While I would prefer my former possessions to end up in ‘good homes’ where they’ll be ‘taken care of,’ I’ve trashed many of those sorts of items in my moving process, and I trashed many more at the thrift store, so I guess I’m jaded to that notion.

Still, “Ahmed” is still really enjoying the Quadra.

He’s the first person to have texted me back with status on what he did for troubleshooting, which I’ll quote here: “Thank you again for the Mac… it boots to a screen asking for a disk. I hear the hard drive spin up and it’s working so maybe someone just cleared the hard drive. This computer is incredibly clean inside. Like it’s new out of a box! Do you have any history behind it? It’s always interesting for the collector/preservationists in me haha[1]”

I was actually surprised to see this text.

“Sure thing. I got it from a friend of mine that was clearing out his place a few years ago. I was going to take it on as a project at the time but never got around to it. Glad to see you went further along than me with it.[2]” I don’t recall specifically when I got it, but I got this and another computer from a friend of mine, so if I mixed up the details, then that’s fine. It’s a good enough origin story for interested parties. Dear reader, how would you have responded to this?

“Once I get the OS installed and stuff I can show you it working if you are interested. :)[1]”

“I’m good. I gave it a quick go before I posted it, then decided it was time to part with it. I appreciate the offer and glad it went to a good home. If you want to send me a photo when it’s up and running, that’d be cool, and I could send it along to my buddy so he could see where it ended up. :)[2]” I didn’t say that photo, cropped, would end up in an essay, but as it goes.

“Nice! Yeah, no problem 🙂
“It will be well taken care of :)[1]”

If I had all the space and time in the world, then maybe I would have taken him up on the offer, because life is an adventure and it’s always fun to meet new people, learn from them, and go on new adventures. I’m at a point now with everything I own where I need to decide what is worth selling versus donating. These essays are fun because of the experiences I’m having and sharing, but eventually, I’ll get bored of writing about the same sorts of sales interactions, like I did here, where it took me a few days to write out my thoughts on this sale.

Soon, I’ll be on to the next set of adventures.

When I clear out the last of my retro computers I’m unattached toward, I’ll move into selling my underappreciated media [videogames, movies, CDs], then the action figures and such that are taking up too much space in my apartment-mansion. I’m happy with the progress I’ve made clearing out the space I have and am looking forward to doing more now that I have a good workflow going. I won’t post anything for the next few days since I’m working, but I may plan out what I want to sell next: some old peripherals, the last two big computers, then move into some new territory.

I’ve added those four things onto the list.

The reason why I went with selling my retro computers first was because, otherwise, my mind would get too scattered with selling all four of those things, for example, all at once. The old peripherals are sitting on my selling table. I just need to stage a few photos, starting with the main shot, then move into specific shots for each one, post it, then bag it up, and move on. It’s just been an exciting last couple of days, where I guess I wanted to write exhaustive thoughts about my experience selling both this Quadra and the Gateway, along with catching up from having those terrible headaches for the past three months.

That’s where sometimes it takes a few days to process all of our thoughts.

It took a few essays for me to sort through my thoughts on this sales transaction, not because of anything regretful, but just because there was more than the usual ad preparation, pre-sale interaction, sale transaction, then analysis. I didn’t get a photo of the working computer.

If I do, I may write another essay about it…

Quotes: [1,2] “Ahmed” then me.
Sources: My selling experience.
Inspirations: I wrote part one and didn’t feel like it covered enough of the actual transaction details, so I wrote this part two. If there will be a part three, well, I don’t know as of this publication.
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Photo: One of the side shots included in the ad.
Written On: 2020 February 22 [From 12:52am from “initially planned to meet” at 12:56am. From 12:59 to 1:22am. Gdocs.]
Last Edited: 2020 March 04 [Adapted from Gdoc, so, second draft; final draft for the Internet. Specifically from 8:50am to 8:51am was where I rewrote the ending.]
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